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Kitty Condos Store Front Located at 7731 NE 33rd Dr. St. Portland Oregon (503) 761-7701 For more info like Our Business hours, Maps and Directions Continue reading

Cat Boarding Rates


Information on our Cat Boarding Rates, Discounts, Additional fees like medications and Multiple cats, Type of Payments Accepted, Check-in and Check-out Policies. Continue reading

Thank you Letters-Testimonials


Thank You Notes Read Actual Thank you Cards, Letters and Emails we have received though out the years from some of our Wonderful Cat Loving Clients. Continue reading

Media Press Coverage


Media Press Kitty Cat Condos has been featured in many local newspapers, magazines and TV shows as well as many National Cat Magazines.. Continue reading

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Ask the Cat Expert
Have a Cat related Question Ask the “Cat Expert” Continue reading

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Cat Travel Transport Products


DryFur I LUV Offering some of the best pet airline travel supplies available. Spill Proof food water dishes that attach to carriers, Super Absorbent Cat pads to keep your kitty completely dry and comfy. Continue reading

Cat Supplies – Toys – Advantage Flea – Wormer


Offering all the most popular cat supplies like Advantage Flea Control, Profender Wormer, Tradewind Tapeworm Tabs, Real Fur Balls & Mice Continue reading

Snow Storm 2008 Video


Snow Ice Storm Christmas 2008 See for yourself what we endured to care for your beloved kitties. Continue reading

Budget Cubicals


kitten in cubicle Our Budget Cubicle 4′ x 4′ x 3-1/2′ high – $13.00 per day. Cubicles are best for laid back small cats or kittens. Cats are offered time out in our Playroom Continue reading