Snow Storm 2017


We always make it in to our shop no matter what Mother Nature throws at us! Our guests here at Kitty Condos are always our #1 priority.


Our front porch at 6am

P1010905 Made it in through over a foot of snow all the… Continue reading

Cat age chart in Human Years


cat-in-human-years-thumbnailHow old is my cat in Human years? We get this question a lot and we found a chart made by Arnold Plotnick, DMV we would like to share to our visitors and clients. To Convert Cats’ Years to Human Years See Chart Below: Continue reading

Cat Voices- Collection of Meows, Chatter, Snarls and Hisses


Cat Meow ClipsA collection of some of our most unique voices of cats who have stayed here at Kitty Condos. See if you recognize your cat from the list. Meows, Purrs, Hiss, Growls and a few mixtures… Continue reading

CAT GAME – Interactive Kitty FUN!


kitty in chair at Kitty Condos Fun Stuff for you and your cat! Look out the windows to see and hear Birds Chirping, bugs buzzing about, let the mouse loose for a good chase and you can Change the TV channel and pour your kitty some milk. Continue reading

Ask the Cat Expert!


Ask the Cat Expert
Have a Cat related Question Ask the “Cat Expert” Continue reading

Favorite Cat Books


Coming soon!…

Snow Storm 2008 Video


Snow Ice Storm Christmas 2008 See for yourself what we endured to care for your beloved kitties. Continue reading

Kitty Lodging Photo Collection


A collection of some of our favorite happy cat guest photos. Continue reading

Our Favorite Cat Videos


A cool collection of our All Time Favorite Videos Starring Kitties! Continue reading