Grand Condos


Kitty Condos-Luxury Cat Boarding Kennel-Professional Cat Care & Sitting

Grand Condos 5′ x 8′ x 8′ high $25.00 a day

Our Grand Condo is great for the single, very active kitty or up to a family of four moderately active cats.
The Grand Condos are available in 10 motifs.

The Paw Patrol (pictured right) , The Mickey Mouse Condo featured below, Sponge Bob, 2 different Sports Rooms, Winnie the Pooh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Lion King, Jungle Room & Alvin and the Chipmonks. All of our Grand Condos come with wall to wall washable carpet and are fully furnished with either real toddler bed or 4 poster pet beds, Deluxe cat climbing trees, furniture and toys. The Grand Condos also have access to either window views or TV background sound creating a home-like atmosphere.

All of our guests are fed in stainless steel food and water dishes that are sanitized daily. Each Condo has a special storage container to keep your kitty’s food in to insure special diets are followed. For senior or recuperating cats, this is especially beneficial. We stock a variety of dry & canned cat foods (Iams, Science Diet, Purina 1, Friskies, Hill’s Ideal Balance (Grain free), Cat Chow, Fancy Feasts, brands or selections may vary) and cat litter (Tidy Cat) which are all included for free.

A very popular room is our Mickey Mouse Condo (pictured left) is decorated with Minnie Mouse bedding, a window shelf where kitties can see downstairs and have sight-line out the downstairs windows, a wrought iron bed, 5ft cat tree & kitty hiding tunnel. The Grand Condo can accommodate up to a family of four cats of moderate activity. (multiple cat fee is $10.00 each additional) Qualifies for Long Terms boarding discounts, see rates for details.

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Comments (3)

Aww so cute, im going to have to bring my kittys here sometime!

Kitty Condos is the best! Super clean & welcoming! Professional, caring, dedicated owners! If they were full, I would change my vacation plans before taking our cats anywhere else.

My friend and I visited today and thought the center was very clean and smelled very fresh. All the kitties in their rooms were happy and purring, greeting us and rolling on their backs. Tiyana was very patient as she explained everything and showed us all the rooms. My friend called back and made a 3 month (!) reservation for his kitty … He will be traveling in asia. His kitty will be in the “sports” condo and I know she will be well cared for. Thank you !