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calmThis food created by Royal Canin was designed to help reduce stress and its side effects in cats. By using 3 key ingredients. Alpha-casozepine is an amino acid chain derived from milk shown to have calming effects. L-tryptophan ¬†is a more commonly known amino acid that also has calming effects. In addition, the formulas include Nicotinamide, also known as Vitamin B3. Nicotinamide creates a calming effect within the central nervous system. These ingredients help to reduce stress related behavioral issues such as inappropriate urination, aggression, nervousness etc. While also providing a highly nutritious and palatable food for your feline companion to enjoy. Royal Canin guarantees their products so if your cat doesn’t like it or you don’t feel you have achieved the desired affects then you should be able to return your food. This diet is a prescription diet so it can be purchased through your veterinarian.
ROYAL CANIN Feline Calm Dry (4.4 lb)




feliwayFeliway is the synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone which cats use to mark their territory as a safe and secure place where they are comfortable. By mimicking the facial pheromone, Feliway is able to give cats a sense of security in the environment. In turn, helping ease the stress and side effects of changes in the environment. Feliway is available in 2 forms. A plug in diffuser as well as a spray. This product can be of assistance in so many situations such as traveling to and from the vet office, moving, adding new members to the household, boarding, grooming, administering medication  or simply just getting in and out of the pet carrier.
Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with bottle, 48 Milliliters


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