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Cozy Rooms 4′ x 6′ x 8′ high $19.00 a day

Our Cozy Room is recommended for fairly active cat / kitten or family of 2-3 moderately active cats / kittens. The Cozy Room are carpeted with washable rugs and fully furnished with a plush chair, standard scratching post / cat tree, tunnels for kitty to hide inside and snuggle beds for your kitty to curl up and take a leisurely nap. Cozy Rooms come in a variety of bright colors and a choice of a high or low balcony. Our cozy room section has TV’s set up for familiar background noise throughout the day just like at home.

All of our guests are fed in stainless steel food and water dishes that are sanitized daily. Each Cozy Room has a special storage container to keep your kitty’s food in to insure special diets are followed. For senior or recuperating cats, this is especially beneficial. We stock a variety of dry & canned cat foods (Iams, Science Diet, Purina 1, Friskies,Hill’s Ideal Balance (Grain Free),Cat Chow, Fancy Feasts, brands or selections may vary) and cat litter (Tidy Cat ) which are all included for free.

The Cozy Rooms can accommodate up to a family of 3 cats of moderate activity. (multiple cat fee is $10.00 each additional) Qualifies for Long Terms boarding discounts, see rates for details.

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