Pet Sitting

Kitty Studios 4' x 4' x 8' high $17.00 a day

Our Kitty Studio is great for pet sitting your shy or older less active cats but are excluded from all discounts and specials. The Studio is best for cats who do not do well in small enclosed cage like structures. It is perfect for cats who in the past have not done well with the "pet sitting" or "boarding experience". It is large enough so they do not feel confined and yet small enough to feel safe and secure. The Studio is carpeted with washable rugs and comes furnished with a hiding tunnel, balcony and plush chair. We take our pet sitting serious here at Kitty Condos.

All of our guests are fed in stainless steel food and water dishes that are sanitized daily. Each Studio has a special storage container to keep your kitty's food in to insure special diets are followed. For senior or recuperating cats, this is especially beneficial. We stock a variety of dry & canned cat foods (Iams, Science Diet, Purina 1, Friskies,Hill's Ideal balance (Grain Free),Cat Chow, Fancy Feasts, brands or selections may vary) and cat litter (Tidy Cat ) which are all included for free.

The Kitty Studio is perfect for pet sitting up to a family of 2 cats of low activity. (multiple cat fee is $10.00 each additional)

Kitty Studio Option 2 This option give kitties the ultimate cat sitting experience with vertical space for climbing, perching, lots of scratching etc. These rooms offer 5 ft cat trees and a shelf that allows for different levels of height and fun. The shelves are furnished with soft carpet, a kitty tunnel and/or pet bed. These studios go for the same price as the regular studios and are furnished with a litter box and stainless steel bowls for food and water. This option is not ideal for 2 cats together but great for a single kitty.

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