Cat Voices-Collection of meows, hisses, snarls

Cat Meow ClipsA FUN collection of unique cat meow & voices heard at Kitty Cat Condos. All cats have very distinct voices. Some of my favorite noises cats make are the rolling of the tongue with a meow kind of a combo purr and meow... Could you recognize your Kitty Cats voice by only listening and not seeing your cat. Believe or not I can after caring for your cats I know a lot of them by voice alone...See if you can. Some of our most unique voices are uploaded below does any of them sound familiar to you....


Josie Cat - AKA: Screamer Josie is a Senior Orange White Petite Tabby. She is a frequent guest she stays in our Kitty Studios she really enjoys the balcony and canned food she gets only when she stays at Kitty Condos.


Harvey - his 1/2 Meow 1/2 Purr Harvey is a great middle aged Gray DSH he is very friendly, loves people and attention. He is a frequent guest in our Kitty Studios.


Kitty Grady - Her Unique Gurgly Meow Kitty is a Black and White Tabby Girl, She is a very frequent guest in our Cozy Rooms actually Room 1 is her favorite. She has one of the most unique cat voice I have ever heard.


Lily - Begging for more canned food Lily is a adorable White and Tan DLH. She is often sporting a very cute Lion Cut. As you can tell she loves canned food and often reminds us it's dinner time.


Casper - Happy but Suspicious of the MIC Casper is a solid white DSH. He is a frequent guest in our Budget Cubicles. He is usually very happy to spend time with us but also a bit on guard and the Microphone made him very suspicious and a bit angry.


Tammen - Not Happy about the Car ride Tammen is a chubby little Torti Shell. She is Casper's sister and stays in a Budget cubical next to Casper so she can see him but they do not have to share food. She is upset it is time to go home and she doesn't like the car ride or the cat carrier.


B Bear - Feed Me, Feed Me B-Bear, is a middle aged Classic Siamese Seal Point, she is a regular guest and she loves the Condos with the real beds and window views.


Zoe - Mumble Mumble   Zoe is an very polite Brown Tabby. She mumbles or meow with tight lips just enough to get attention but not overly demanding.


Wilma - with Happy Feet Wilma is a cute elderly sleek gray tabby. She is prancing, kneeding and purring and talking away..


Basha - Squeak Squeak Basha has a unique squeaky voice she is an senior Brown SH Striped Tabby. Very polite and a little shy. This is her first time at Kitty Cat Condos.


Popoki - Chatter Chatter Popoki stays with us a few times a year. He is a handsome striped tabby with white collar. He has a great friendly voice for greeting us.


Muggins - MurMur Muggins is a regular with us. She has one of the happiest voices. Half purr - Half meow kind of a rolling of the tongue. She is a very cute calico.


Friskie - Strong Purr Friskie is a elderly giant Orange Tabby. He spent many years on his own till he found his forever home. He is a very friendly and grateful to anyone who feeds and loves him. His purr is the loudest I have ever heard.


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