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Looking for cat boarding near me?

Our NEW Location:

7731 NE 33rd Dr Ste A Portland Oregon 97211

Phone Number: (503) 761-7701

Fax: (503) 762-8290


Business Hours: 10-5  Monday to Friday, 11-4 Saturdays

We are closed to the public: SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS *

* & Yes Kitties are still cared for on these days-But absolutely NO Pick Ups and NO Drop Offs allowed. This allows us some time off for personal & family events since we have NO DAY OFF except for once a year! If you need a list of kennels that offer limited customer services hours on Sundays and Holidays, by all means call or email and I will gladly refer you. Thank you for your understanding!

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Cat boarding near me? Kitty Condos, Portland Oregon's Luxury Cat Boarding Kennel. Just minutes from Airport, PDX- Portland International.

We are NOW located in NE Portland on 33rd Dr across from DEQ.


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Kitty Cat Condos LLC 7731 NE 33rd Dr Ste A Portland OR 97211 (503) 761-7701