Cozy Room-Cat Hotel

Cat Hotel

Cozy Rooms 4' x 6' x 8' high $19.00 a day


Looking for a cat hotel? Our Cozy Room is perfect for fairly active kitty / kitten or family of 2-3 moderately active cats / kittens. The Cozy Rooms are carpeted with washable rugs and fully furnished with a plush chair, standard scratching post / kitty tree, tunnels for kitty to hide inside and snuggle beds for your kitty to curl up and take a leisurely nap. Our cozy room section at our cat hotel has TV's set up for familiar background noise throughout the day just like at home. A true luxury feline hotel experience.

All of our guests are fed in stainless steel food and water dishes that are sanitized daily. Each Cozy Room has a special storage container to keep your kitty's food in to insure special diets are followed. For senior or recuperating cats, this is especially beneficial. We stock a variety of dry & canned cat foods (Iams, Purina 1 Naturals, Friskies, Purina Cat Chow, Fancy Feasts, brands or selections may vary) and cat litter (Tidy Cat ) which are all included for free.

The Cozy Rooms at our kitty hotel can accommodate up to a family of 3 cats of moderate activity. (multiple cat fee is $10.00 each additional) Qualifies for Long Terms boarding discounts, see rates for details.


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