Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the cat rooms private or does my cat share rooms with other people's cats? The rooms are absolutely private the only cats that share rooms are cats from the SAME Family. NEVER DO CATS SHARE ROOMS with strangers CATS. We occasionally even recommend single private rooms for cats from the same family if they do not get along well, or if the family of cats are all on different feeding schedules or special diets that must be followed.
  • Can I pickup or drop off my cats up on Sunday or Holidays? We do not offer Sunday and Holiday HUMAN hours.  We are at the facility on SUNDAYs for the cats only- for feeding, cleaning boxes and medications. We decide that specific day when we will go in and what time we will go back for the dinner service. The rest of that day is used for personal time and family functions as this is the only time we get off. We are a tiny family ran operation. We do not get weekends off and vacation time like normal people. If you call or email me I can refer you to facilities that offer expanded hours, but most of them do charge hefty fees for such service.
  • Do you live at Kitty Condos? No we do not live at the facility. Kitty Condos is in a commercial building and not zoned for residential use. Kitties spend some time alone similar to other boarding facilities and veterinarians. Many kitties are so shy they wait till things are quiet at night to eat, use the litter box and come out and get comfortable on the furniture. These kitties appreciate the time alone. Most other kitties are used to spending time alone as well like when you are at work, shopping or spending time with friends.
  • Do you let the cats out or do they get out to walk around and play with each other? No cats are not allowed out of their rooms or to co-mingle with other cats. This is for the health and safety of our feline guests. This significantly decreases risk for disease and injury to your kitty while boarding at our facility. Our guests receive individual time with us inside of their enclosures many times throughout the day.
  • Can I visit my cat if he/she is staying long term? Yes you can visit during our normal business hours. Our normal business hours are 10-5 weekdays 11-4 Sat. It is always good to call first if you are planning to come after 4:00PM on weekdays just to be sure we are not leaving to get supplies which we sometimes do if things are very slow and all our appointments for drop off and pick up are completed.
  • How do your charges work, if I drop off very late and pick up very early will you waive both days? We charge per every DAY your cat is here, not per night like most human hotels. Our cut off time to avoid the last day charge is 1:00PM at this point your cat will have been with us for 13 hours of  the total (24 hour) day. Once you are past 1:00 you are charge for the full day. This also helps us have enough time to try and clean the room and get it ready for another guest. So we always try to remind everyone to try and pick up before 1:00. We do not make an exception to this rule. To stay in the black we have to try and rent each of our rooms everyday so we are able to pay our rent and  heating,  air conditioning, lighting which we leave on 24-hours a day.
  • What type of cat foods do you feed? We offer (Dry) Iams Adult, Science Diet Adult, Science Diet Hairball Control, Eukanuba Kitten, Purina 1, Max Cat Adult, Friskies, Cat Chow Indoor (Canned) Friskies, Fancy Feast, Science Diet AD also canned Tuna for special treat. If you feed a food we do not carry you will want to bring it along, it is best not to change your cat's diet too abruptly.


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