Kitty Cat Harness Leash

instructions for putting on the Cat HarnessIntroducing the Cat Harness and Leash for Airline Traveling Cats or just for a walk in the backyard.  Also great for vet visits. The best and easiest Cat Harness ever. If you ever wanted to teach your cat how to walk on a leash this is the solution for you and your kitty. I have taught both my cats how to walk on a leash and harness using this unique product.  This harness is so easy to put on and is very comfortable. Made with no metal only plastic so it is very light weight and fits great!  It is also MUCH SAFER than strap harnesses that pose a real risk to your cat.  So if you would like to teach your cat how to walk on a harness and leash check this one out!    This is my Miss Pearly putting on her new TSA Fast Pass Leash and Harness. Below is both my kitties Miss Pearly & Little Phebe both love their new Harness and Leash and our special walks in our backyard. It is great exercise and they love the fresh air and getting a close look at the birds and bugs they encounter. This Harness is a must have Order Yours Today!


FEATURES:purchase cat Harness Leash

VELCRO & Snap Latch Closures

Plastic Double D-rings

Reflective strips

Step In vest Design

Soft Mesh Fabric

Perfect for traveling Kitties

Heavy Duty Plastic no Metal For Hassle free TSA Inspections





Cat Harness

Cat Harness Leash-Pearl

cat in harness leash

Cat Harness Leash-Phebe

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