Kitty Lodging Photo Collection

kitty playing

Johnathon playing with feather wand

Orange Tabby on Bed

"Rusty" waking up from his nap

gray cat on bed

"Murphy" taking a nice cat nap

Burmese Kitten

Phebe in her favorite Shirt

two calico sisters

Lily and ButterCup Ready to play again

Tabby in fort

"BC" in the Fort

Cali with Feather Wand

"Cali" with Feather Wand


"FeFe" Resting on top of Tunnel

brown tabby

"Alex" coming out from Under Bed

"Sherbert" peeking out from Under Bed

giant Lousiana Cats

"Punkie" "Rotten" "Tabby" & "Fuzzy" here from Lousiana

White Kitties Playing

"Brother" "Sister" Playing nonstop

Kitten Playing

" Little Emily" Playing with Wand

Silver & Brown Tabby on Tree

"Mooshi" and "Sheba" Climbing Tree

Tabby on Floor relaxing

"Mouse" Relaxing on Soft Carpet

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  1. Maria
    These kitties are soo cute :)