Kitty Boarding Vaccine & Health Requirements

  • All cats must have current FVRCP vaccine. (PLEASE – DO NOT GET your cat VACCINATED 24-48 hours prior to Boarding)
  • All cats must have collars removed while being boarded.
  • All cats will be checked for fleas, ear mites, ringworm, any other parasites or contagious conditions. Cats found with such conditions will be treated and the owner will be charged accordingly. This may include temporary boarding at your vets office in isolation.
  • All cats must be flea free or current with an approved flea control product. We offer Advantage for a very reasonable fee upon admission to our facility.
  • All cats aged eight months or older must be spayed or neutered.
  • All cats with a history of biting or go outdoors must have a current Rabies vaccine.
  • We require all cats that have accidents in their carriers or are traveling long distance or by AIR to kitten in carrier with DryFur padhave a DRYFUR disposable crate mat in their carrier. Any cat who does not have a DRYFUR or equal and has arrived to the kennel wet must be bathed prior to be admitted into the luxury carpeted furnished rooms. (we charge $30.00-$50.00 for bathing & grooming services) ATTENTION: Planning to transport your cat by AIR, please visit first. As a cat professional I know the hazards of Pet Airline Travel. 7 out 10 cats we pick up from the airport have had wetting accidents or water bowl spills and is forced to ride in a cold wet carrier, unable to sit or lie down the entire trip.
  • We also request your preferred veterinarian’s name and phone number to be on file while boarding. If you do not currently have a preferred veterinarian, we can provide you with names of local veterinarians we have worked with. However, it is your responsibility to choose a veterinarian you feel comfortable with and trust to make decisions should your cat need medical attention.
  • We do encourage you to bring your kitty’s favorite toy, treats or bed to make your kitty’s stay as comfortable as possible. We also recommend if your kitty in on a Special Veterinarian Prescription type diets that you bring this along as well.



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